Are You a New Creature?

17 Dec

2 Corinthians 5:17 Tells us: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Notice how the words be and he is are italicized to note their importance. If any man is truly IN Christ or saved by the blood of Christ, and Christ is his master, then he is a new creature! Old habits and bad choices are passed away and we are become new IN CHRIST. I know that when we are first born again, we are babes in Christ and we need time to grow in Him and to become more like Him with each passing day. We grow by staying close to Him just as a newborn baby stays close to its Momma and its family.

I am referring to those who claim to be bought by the blood of Jesus, but we see no fruits or evidence of that. It appears that some choose to stay in their old sinful ways even though they may have accepted God’s free Gift of Salvation from Hell. They have their “ticket” to Heaven, but they do not want to know or remember that Jesus said, “Go and sin no more,” and “feed my sheep.” The Great Commission that Jesus gave when he went back to Heaven was for all of us, not just our Pastors and Spiritual Leaders. What was the Samaritan woman’s first instinct after Jesus told her “all that ever she did?” She went and told everyone she knew about Jesus and brought them to Him. If you do a study on how the apostles were chosen by Jesus, you will find the same reaction to their knowing Him. They brought others to Him.

I know that, for the most part, we all have our times of backsliding. I know I had mine when the world dealt me what I thought were “raw deals.” The biggest reason that happens is that we become centered on our selfish flesh, choose to go away from our fellowship with other believers and “the assembling of ourselves together.” Then we just cannot find the time to fellowship with God, nor to spend time in His Great Guidebook, the Holy Bible. Before we know it, we become comfortable in a sinful lifestyle and numb to the prompting of the Holy Spirit’s sweet voice who is constantly, softly calling us back to a relationship with our Saviour. When we choose to ignore that prompting for very long, God will let us wallow in our sin and face dire consequences of it. While Jehovah God is truly a loving God (I mean, He continually forgives us and welcomes us back into His arms over and over again), some forget that He is also a Just and Holy God and His very presence commands justice and righteousness. This world, of which satan is the ruler, offers many temporary delights to get us hooked to it. Then, when the evil one knows he does not need to be threatened by us and our witness, he tosses us out like garbage. He wins!

The thought that God has laid on my heart over the past couple of years is that even though we may have our “Ticket to Heaven,” we will still stand before Jesus and give account to Him, face to face, of all our actions after we said yes to His Saving Grace. Others who reject Him will be thrown into Hell, kicking and screaming, and most definitely some will look each of us in the eye and ask, “why didn’t you tell me this would happen?” It is so very important that we all remember that when we claim the Salvation of Jesus Christ, the lost world watches every move we make. Our actions could bring some to Jesus, or we could pacify satan and let our sinful lifestyles help them to eternal torment in Hell. And there is a Heaven and there is a Hell and they are for ETERNITY! We are going to one place or the other, FOREVER!

So, if we truly be in Christ, we are NEW CREATURES! Old things have passed away, let’s leave them there and let God make all things new in our lives. “They will know us by our fruits!” Are we living as new creatures so as to lead others to Christ, or are we backsliding or, God forbid, not truly bought by the precious blood of Jesus.

MAKE YOUR CALLING SURE!! And if it is sure, stay under the protective wings of your Creator, Jehovah God! Enjoy the strength that is found in gathering with other strong and mature believers who are truly letting their lights shine for Jesus. Stay in His Word daily. We have no protection of our own from that evil destroyer who prowls to and fro in this world seeking whom he may destroy and devour! But oh, the power in the name of Jesus and the reminders of God’s truths from His Word! When Jesus was tempted by the destroyer, what did He do? He reminded that evil being of truths from God’s Word by quoting Scripture. Do you know God’s Word well enough to do that?

One last thought – Christmas is all about Jesus. We call it His birthday. Have you thought about giving Him a birthday gift? I wonder how you would feel if someone gave you a birthday party and everyone but you got a gift. Hmmmm.

Perhaps Christ would really love the gift of our commitment to truly being the NEW CREATURES in Him that His Word says we are when we are truly Saved by His Sacrifice.

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