“I Will Deliver”

06 Aug

A while back I found “The Collected Works of D. L. Moody” (1837-1899) on my Kindle Fire. It has blessed my walk with our Lord tremendously. This man truly had a heart for leading the Lost to Jesus and discipling them to lead others to Him. He was known to go out into the streets at night (if he had not done it that day), searching for even one lost soul to bring to Jesus so as to fulfill his goal of talking to at least one man each day about the condition of his soul. I just finished reading one of his last sermons that he did titled “The Ninety-First Psalm” where he discusses the seven “I wills” that God told Moses He would do in the last three verses. I agree with Mr. Moody’s statement: “If they could get burned down into our souls, it would be a help to us all through life. When God says He will do a thing, there is no power on earth or in perdition that can keep Him from doing that which He has promised to do.” It is my desire to share this sermon over the next few posts. There are very few churches today who actually teach and preach the true Word of God. My prayer is that this will accomplish God’s perfect plan where ever He would send it.

Psalm 91:14-16 “Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.”

I. “I WILL DELIVER” When God called Moses to go down into Egypt to deliver the children of Israel from the hand of the Egyptians, in all the world there was not a man who, humanly speaking, was less qualified than Moses. He had made the attempt once before to deliver the children of Israel, and he began by delivering one man. He failed in that, and killed an Egyptian, and had to run off into the desert, and stay there forty years. He had tried to deliver the Hebrews in his own way, he was working in his own strength and doing it in the energy of the flesh. He had all the wisdom of the Egyptians, but that did not help him. He had to be taken back into Horeb, and kept there forty years in the school of God, before God could trust him to deliver the children of Israel in God’s way. (Haven’t we all been there so many times in our growing walk with the Lord? ‘Our’ fleshly plans are most certain to fail. I still pray each day that God will help me trust Him fully to accomplish HIS perfect will through me, especially when I think I have all these ‘grand’ ideas of my own. Anna)

Then God came to him and said, “I am come down to deliver,” and when God worked through Moses three million were delivered as easy as I can turn my hand over. God could do it. It was no trouble when God came on the scene. Learn this lesson: If we want to be delivered, from every inward and outward foe, we must look to a higher source than ourselves. We cannot do it in our own strength. We all have some weak point in our character. When we would go forward, it drags us back, and when we would rise up into higher spheres of usefulness and the atmosphere of Heaven, something drags us down. Now I have no sympathy with the idea that GOD puts us behind the blood and saves us, and then leaves us in Egypt to be under the old taskmaster. I believe God brings us out of Egypt into the promised land, and that it is the privilege of every child of God to be delivered from every foe, from every besetting sin.

If there is some sin that is getting the mastery over you, you certainly cannot be useful. You certainly cannot bring forth fruit to the honor and glory of God until you get self-control. “He that ruleth his spirit [is better] than he that taketh a city.” If we haven’t got victory over jealousy, over envy, over self-seeking and covetousness and worldly amusements and worldly pleasure, if we are not delivered from all these things, we are not going to have power with God or with men, and we are not going to be as useful as we might be if we got deliverance from every evil. There isn’t an evil within or without but what He will deliver us from if we will let Him. That is what He wants to do. As God said to Moses, “I am come down to deliver.” If He could deliver three million slaves from the hands of the mightiest monarch on earth, don’t you think He can deliver us from every besetting sin, and give us complete victory over ourselves, over our temper, over our dispositions, over our irritableness and peevishness and snappishness? If we want it and desire it above everything else, we can get victory.

People are apt to think that these little things (as we call them) are weaknesses that we are not responsible for; that they are misfortunes, that we inherited them. I have heard people talk about their temper. They say, “Well, I inherited it from my father and mother; they were quick-tempered, and I got it from them.” Well, that is a poor place to hide, my friend. Grace ought to deliver us from all those things. A lady came to me some time ago and said she had great trouble with her temper now, and she was more irritable than she was five years ago, and she wanted to know if I didn’t think it was wrong. I said, “I should think you were backsliding. If you have not better control over yourself now than you had five years ago, there is something radically wrong.” “Well,” she said, “I should like to know how I am going to mend it. Can you tell me.” “Yes.” “How?” I said, “When you get angry with people and give them a good scolding, go right to them after you have made up your mind that you have done wrong, and tell them you have sinned and ask them to forgive you.” She said she wouldn’t like to do that. Of course she wouldn’t; but she will never get victory until she treats it as sin. Do not look upon it as weakness or misfortune, but SIN. No child of God ought to lose control of temper without confessing it.

A lady came to me some time ago and said that she had got so in the habit of exaggerating that people accused her of misrepresentation. She wanted to know if there was any way she could overcome it. “Certainly,” I said. “How?” “Next time you catch yourself at it, go right to the party and tell them you lied.” “Oh!” she said, “I wouldn’t like to call it lying.” Of course not, but a lie is a lie all the same, and you will never overcome those sins until you treat them as sins and get them out of your nature. If you want to shine in the light of God and be useful, you must overcome, you must be delivered. And that is what God says He will do; He will deliver.

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