Evil Forces and Evil People are Hard at Work!

05 Jun

For those who want to believe that what is happening in our country is about racism, you are being deceived and manipulated. There once was a black movement that started because of injustices done to people of color. Things have changed so much for the better over the years so that the racism narrative is not what it once was.

But there is an evil force and evil people like George Soros and the Clintons who want control and to turn our country into a socialist/communist country, and they are willing to start a race war to do it. They care absolutely nothing about any of the people in this country no matter the color. They play on our emotions to keep a false narrative going. They have indeed infiltrated the black movement and are using some kind-hearted and some simple-minded people to accomplish their agenda. If you do not want to believe this, do your research.

Remember Dinesh DeSouza and what they did to him when he tried to get the truth out? Go check out his movie, Hillary’s America if you want to know what’s really going on here and now, and you will put two and two together.

Satan knows his time is short and there seems to be a whole lot of people letting him use them. Does it really have to be this way? Killing, burning, rioting in the streets while these people who will do anything to gain control sit back and watch gleefully because you’re playing right into there hands!

Jehovah God, we your children know not how much we will have to endure before You catch us up or just take us home at our appointed time. Until that time, please cover us in Your grace and help us to persevere in telling as many as we can what Your Son did for EVERYONE on the cross of Calvary. YOU are what this country really needs! Amen, Anna 😢

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