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So here we are one more day until our VP Pence who is the President of the Senate has the authority to discard the fraudulent/irregular electoral vote certifications from some of the states (6) who blatantly cheated and broke the law. Thank goodness our founding fathers made provision for such a time as this.

Please stay away from the fake news media pushing lies and propaganda to fear monger the public! They do not want Americans to know the truth of how this will come about tomorrow.

Instead of my trying to relay and explain it to you, here is a letter our VP Pence received from one of the best expert Constitutional lawyers in our country, after he requested counsel on his plenary/absolute power as the President of our Senate. He most certainly can and we pray will do the right thing for our Republic by discounting those illegal electoral votes. Remember, we are NOT a democracy which is mob rule! We are a Constitutional Republic. Go read what this Constitutional Expert advised our VP Pence:

What the Constitution says should happen is that those fraudulent votes will be discarded and will drop the needed electoral votes for biden down below 270. Then the House will vote on who is our President. There is one vote for each state; there are 30 Republican states and 20 Dem states. You can do the math.

Someone I am following and trust completely to help explain this in laymen’s terms is Pastor Shane Vaughn or as we like to call him, Professor Toto because he is always pulling back the curtain to show us what is really happening behind the wizard. He has been teaching what this constitutional expert laid out for VP Pence for about 7 weeks now. Having this knowledge brings much peace. You can go to his YouTube channel and watch all of his videos explaining this situation from day one.

Go here-First Harvest Ministries-to listen and learn from Professor Toto. The video begins at about the 2-3 minute mark:

You can also find him on Rumble and MeWe if YouTube takes the video down.

As I have said before, this war is a Spiritual war and we as God’s people need to be doing our part as prayer warriors if we are not able to be in Washington DC tomorrow.

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